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Valley Insurance Partners (VIP) Corporate Benefits

Employee Benefits are among the largest investments of capital for most companies. For more than ten years now, the increased cost of providing health Insurance to employees has outpaced most, if not all other corporate expenses. Health insurance is becoming a larger portion of the overall company budget. Many companies are facing very tough decisions in regards to providing this benefit to their employees.

Valley Insurance Partners, Inc. (VIP) was founded with two principle goals in mind. First, we help small to mid- size employers understand all options available to them.  Second, we can find ways to reverse the trend of escalating health insurance cost to ensure employers can continue to provide quality benefits to their employees.

We pride ourselves in our ability to understand your corporate goals and objectives as they relate to your overall benefits strategy. With that understanding, we apply our extensive market knowledge to design programs that provide the highest level of coverage available for your investment. We strive to become an extension of your Benefits and Human Resource staff. From product design and marketing, to employee education and enrollment, we are dedicated to ensuring your employee benefit plans meet your needs and the needs of your employees.